Hermana Hipol vs. Miracle in 307

Hola mis amigos! Wow, another week already and I am starting the final stretch of my CCM experience. Time has literally sprouted wings and flown by. I cannot believe that I have already been here four weeks. It is strange to be considered the “oldies” when in reality, we are finally starting to figure things out. I still don’t really know what I am doing but when I look back on these past few weeks I hardly recognize the sister that stepped onto the plane. The CCM has been such an amazing experience.


This week was a week of miracles. I cannot even begin to describe the things I have seen, the spirit that I have felt and the powerful lessons that I have learned. This past week there was a lot of contention amongst the Latina sisters in my zone. As the Hermana Cacipadador, I sat in on a lot of meetings, a lot of counsel and did lots of begging for peace and charity (in very poor Spanglish). It was very hard for me, and humbling, since I am still working on Spanish. One night, after lights out, a hermana knocked on my door. One of the tiny Latina hermanas, who was under a lot of stress, was having an anxiety attack. It had quickly escalated to the point where her joints had locked up from lack of oxygen and panic because of her poor breathing. I quickly called the CCM President and asked him to give her a blessing. She would not respond to us, she wouldn’t even open her eyes. I kneeled at the foot of her bed, and was wiping her face with a cool rag, but nothing was working and her breathing was getting worse. Presidente Pitcher walked around to me and kneeled down beside me. He placed his hands on her head and gave her a short but powerful priesthood blessing.  As soon as he ended, she opened her eyes. I was in their room until almost one to make sure she was okay and that the other sisters were helping her… I know that the priesthood is the power of god. That sister was in a bad spot, and it was such a blessing to be there and witness that miracle.


Another miracle, we have our first “baptism!” We had been really struggling with our fake investigator Oscar and didn’t know where to go. We prepared a deep lesson on “repent lest ye perish” and “if ye have a desire why not be baptized” but he totally blindsided us. We sat down ready to call to repentance when he said “I prayed and I know this is true. I want to be baptized.” We were so shocked. We set a date and he said “Do I have to wait? I am ready now.” Holy Cow! His baptism is this Saturday. How amazing! We have also been teaching all of our lessons in total Spanish too. The gift of tongues is real!


Finally, last night was our goodbye with almost all the sisters. At orracion we sang a Spanish hymn and God Be with you til We Meet Again. Some hermanas shared their testimonies and we all kneeled together in prayer. The spirit was so powerful we could not stand. There were tears shed but the miracle was watching those companionships who I had seen struggle so hard for two weeks share a tearful embrace and express love and forgiveness. The Saviors love changes us and I witnessed that change in myself and the hermanas this week.


I know that my Redeemer lives. This is his church. I am his missionary. We are all enlisted. I know that the Atonement changes us.


I love you all!

Hurrah for Israel!