Halfway through the MTC

Today marks my halfway through the MTC and wow how time has flown! So many things have happened, it is often hard to keep track of everything!


I was able to go to the Central Market and Map this past week. What an amazing cultural experience! There were so many things and so many people, it was so fun! The entire market is underground in two levels. The first is all textiles, jewelry, shoes and such, and the lower level is all foods. It was amazing!  As we were leaving the market I even got hit by a car! Well, they popped the clutch and so it bumped me… no worries I am totally fine. Not a bruise or a scratch…except on my pride but I am working on my humility….  Nothing hurts a missionary! It was my first intense experience. It was great to be out of the CCM, though it was a shock to hear the language…. I think they might be teaching me the wrong one…. People talk so fast! I am a little nervous and I have made more of an effort to listen to the native speakers here.  The map was equally amazing. How crazy to think that the BOM took place in this part of the world! My favorite part of our outing was definitely Wendys. Nothing beats a good hamburger.


I was called to be the new Hermana Cacipadador, or Zone Leader for all the Hermanas in my Rama. It is a lot of responsibility and has been such a humbling experience. Two thirds of the sisters are native Spanish speakers and speak absolutely no English so communication has been hard. I have really relied on the spirit and I know that the gift of tongues is real. Our last three lessons with investigators have been completely in Spanish!!


This past Sunday I was really struck by a devotional that we had. We watched that super old movie called Zion Camp. At one point a group of mobsters came up to two of the brethren and asked who was in charge of their camp. One replied, “God of Israel leads the Camp.” Wow… how powerful is that. I bear testimony in the sacred name of Jesus Christ, and as a missionary called of God to preach his work, that God of Israel leads the Camp. God of Israel leads this Church. God of Israel leads the missionary work all over the world. Nothing can stop the hand of the Almighty. I pray every day that I can make him proud and I know that if we give him everything that nothing shall keep us from seeing and helping bring to pass miracles comparable to those we read about in the Holy Scriptures.


There is so much more I want to say and yet so little time… Suffice it to say, I know that my Redeemer Lives. I know that I am not perfect, or fluent, but the Lord and his message are perfect and the Holy Ghost has no language.


I love you all and I am so grateful for your examples.

God of Israel leads the Camp.

Hurrah for Israel!



Hermana Hipol