Hermana Hipol vs. T minus 10

Where do I begin……?

Really though, I think so much time in the sun has given me short term selective memory…. All week long so many crazy things happen, but when I sit down to reflect and write about it there is a giant blank. Needless to say, it was a good week….

Starting last Monday…. My comp and I went with the other companionship of sisters in our area to Santa Ana, to buy some souvenirs and all that nice stuff. We made it to centro with no problem, wow, and talk about a trip down memory lane. It has been over a year since I walked those crowded, streets or saw those same tomato and underwear vendors. We went, we shopped and started to make our way back when I ran into someone that I thought I would never see again. Familia Aparicio (my ward mission leader in Juayua, over two hours away)! When I saw his wife, Sandra, I bawled like a baby and she pulled me into the biggest hug! It was such a beautiful reunion. I love them so much, and it was the biggest tender mercy!!

On Tuesday we had our last district meeting (yep, we have begun the “lasts”). We talked about the Plan of Salvation, but we applied it to our time here as missionaries. BAD IDEA, did very bad things for my psyche. Really there were so many moments this week when I would just randomly burst into tears, that one of my eyes is now just constantly puffy…. que pena. It’s so funny we focus so much on why we come on the mission, but it does not matter because well, we are here now. Then our focus becomes “why are we here now?” But time goes by so quickly and you know why you have stayed, you realize how much you have learned, how much you have changed, and then comes the final question, why you finish. I am still trying to answer that one, but no worries, still have ten more days of hard work.

From there we are going to fast forward to Saturday. We did an area attack and did some divisions, to mix things up a bit. I got to work for the first time with Hermana Bustos (also going home with me). It was so much fun! We found a ton of new people and filled the agenda for this next week.

Sunday came. We walked into the chapel, only to find that we had no investigators…. and President was sitting there on the stand. Nice. We finished the first hymn, announcements, and then the Sacrament. As the deacons were finishing up, I looked out the window and in walked a family of three that we have been trying to get to church for over a month. I was so happy, I just started to cry. After Sacrament Meeting President walked over to greet the family and he invited them to keep listening and to follow the promptings of the Spirit. They felt so special! But then President gave us a nice surprise, he decided to stay all three hours, something that I do not think has ever happened. It would have been no big deal, but our Gospel principles teacher did not show up, so yours truly had to give the lesson, having not actually prepared a lesson. But I looked at the topic, “Jesus Christ, our Chosen Leader and Savior.” Wow, what a topic. The spirit was so strong, and I almost cried again, but gratefully Presidents presence kept me on my toes and I was a little too busy being a nervous wreck than to cry. Sister Spjut told me it was a great class so that has to be good. A great First and Last time to teach a Sunday school class to your mission president.

Anyways, the time has come, crazy huh?

I love you all.

Hoorah for Israel!

Love, Hermana Hipol