Hermana Hipol vs. Rock, Papers, Angels.

Here we are again, another Monday…. It seems like only yesterday I was here telling you about this last week, and yet, time keeps on flying and we are left as spectators.

This week was filled with a lot of personal growth. My companion and I worked our butts off, and we almost doubled the number of lessons that we normally have. (Gotta sprint to the finish line!) We have kept branching out to areas that we have not visited as much, in hopes that we could find someone that the Lord has prepared. Though we might not have seen the fruits that we specifically wanted, the Lord definitely put us in the right place at the right time many times.

On Saturday night we were leaving the church after baking cookies with the young women when we heard someone trying to get our attention. Sketchy, Right? Well, we turned around, and a young man came up to us. First words out of his mouth, “Do you have a Book of Mormon?” His name is Peter, or Pedro, or The Rock (depending on your version of the bible). His sister was investigating the church and after she recently passed away he also began to listen to the message of the Gospel. He was so excited to get a Book of Mormon, and was going to begin to read it right away. Oh, he also lives in Costa Rica…… a little outside of the area.

On Sunday we also had a beautiful experience. We were making our rounds, trying to bring investigators to church when a young woman walked up to us and asked what time our meetings started. We told her and when we got to the chapel, she was there too!! Her name is Ivon and she was super positive! She stayed the full three hours and had a lot of questions…. But turns out, she is from another zone, and receiving the lessons…. But hey, cool that we could be the Lords hands. It was a beautiful confirmation that though we may not be seeing the fruits we want to see, that we are still successful missionaries and the Lord loves us.

On Friday a young man in our ward came home from serving a mission in Colombia. The ward interrupted our English class and pulled us into his “Welcome Home” party. SOOOOOOO bad for my focus. It was so crazy to see everyone there, taking pictures and all that jazz. Ay no. It does not help that this week I also got my final papers. Here in the mission when someone is going to finish the mission, we are given a packet where we review our work in the field, and we set very specific goals for the future in respect to things like school, careers, and yes, even eternal families. It was a nice smack in the face from reality.

It’s kinda funny, part of the reason I came on the mission (I admit it) was to avoid having to make these big life decisions. I was afraid, and like Jonah, made a run for it. But now, my 18 months in the whale’s belly are almost up and it’s time to be an adult. AAAAHHHHHHHH! Really though, I feel so old, and it is as if I have been caught up in a weird bubble. I feel like the mission has become a dream, and I must be unconsciously stressed because I have had some WIERD dreams this week. But, time to put that aside, along with the three packets and work #procrastination

Oh, the angelitas…. a less active sister has a little girl that loves all things fancy. when she saw her little friend in an angel dress going caroling, she had to do it too…. they are so cute!!

Anyways, I love you all, Thanks!!

Hoorah for Israel!

Love, Hermana Hipol