Hermana Hipol vs. The Mariachi Band

So many amazing miracles and here we are at the end of my time here at the CCM…. I leave in six days! I am so nervous and so excited… I cannot wait to see what El Salvador Has in store for me.


This week was filled with so many awesome adventures. The CCM President, President Cox finally made it back to us after a surgery. What a homecoming! It was his birthday the next day and we had a band come play music and we celebrated with some delicious cake! I do love some good cake.


Our fake investigator, Oscar, was baptized this past weekend! My companions and I were so excited and I think that it was just the motivation that we needed to finish off our CCM experience with a bang! Our other investigator, Miguel, also wants to be baptized! So cool! My greatest teaching tool has definitely been the spirit. He is the real teacher. There is a new rule here at the CCM…. NO MAS INGLES! It is a little hard to communicate but I have mastered talking with my hands and absurd noises. I think that the Latina Hermanas think I am crazy.


This week I also met my goal to finish the Book of Mormon before I enter the field. It was as if I had read it for the first time. I know that it is the word of God and I encourage you all to read it.


This week was a week of “lasts.” I cannot believe that I am leaving next week to enter the field and be a “real missionary.” This morning was my last opportunity to go to the Guatemala temple and I am having my Last Leadership training this weekend as Hermana Cacipadador. It has been amazing to serve the sisters here. They have such strong spirits and desires to serve the Lord.


In this crazy missionary limbo it has been really easy to feel overwhelmed and to focus on all the things I cannot control. But, I was watching a devotional by Jeffrey R. Holland and he said. “When the days are hard and when you cannot go any further, when you feel that it is too hard, just realize that you are standing shoulder to shoulder with the greatest missionary the world has ever known. I am so grateful for the example of my savior and for the peace that comes from the knowledge that I never have to be alone or struggle because he is with me every step. I love my savior. I love this work. I am so excited to be a missionary.


Stay strong. I know that with our trust in the Lord, we can overcome all things with glory and valor. May God Bless and Keep you. I am so grateful for your example and your love!


Hurrah for Israel!


Hermana Hipol