Another amazing week here at the CCM…

Another amazing week here at the CCM in Guatemala. I love being here and I am so grateful for the opportunity that I have to serve my Heavenly Father. First off, this week is going to be a little crazy scheduling wise so, thankfully, I get to start off the week with emails! It is “transfers” this week, meaning that we are saying goodbye to all but one companionship of sisters, and (hopefully) getting some new ones. It is a very bittersweet feeling all around. I am so excited for my fellow Hermanas and somewhat jealous that they get to leave now, but I will definitely miss them. They have taught me so much and I am forever grateful for their patience and charity towards me. They will all leave on Tuesday, and the new Missionaries will be here Wednesday. So, in honor of their passing into the real world, tonight we are having a chocolate fountain, Guatemala Style. I am not sure what that means but I am sure that It will be great! Also, our PDay will be on Tuesday, instead of Wednesday this week. We are going on a field trip! My district is going to the 7.30 a.m. temple session here at the Guatemala Temple and then later in the Day, since there will not be very many missionaries, we are going out into the city!!! We are going to a historical part of the city with a huge 3D map of the country, then going to Central Market, and then, having lunch at WENDYS!!!!! That is right, semi-american food!. I am so excited! And the best part of it is that we get to take our cameras with us to record this momentous occasion! How positively awesome-sauce! I am not sure how I can send them, since we will have to turn our cameras back in when we return, but I am still so psyched!

On a more spiritual note, I have learned and grown so much this last week. I have definitely been tested in a lot of ways, but I have gained such a stronger appreciation for my savior and my Heavenly Father. This past Friday-Saturday my entire district had an ayuna de ingles, or an English Fast. That is, we gave up English for an entire 24 hours. It was extremely difficult, especially in communicating in our companionship (lets just say that we have now mastered sign language). But as a result, we definitely saw miracles. My companions and I have taken on another investigator, Oscar, and for the first time ever, we taught an entire lesson in Spanish. It was miraculous. I know that the Lord was in control of everything, and though we are not perfect teachers, it was a great accomplishment for us. Yesterday, being fast Sunday, we were also able to share our testimonies in Spanish too. Though it was very simple and rough, I felt the spirit so strong, and could feel the words enter my mind as I spoke. I am still not fluent (yet) but I know that the gift of tongues is a very real thing, and I know that if we are in tune with the spirit, then the lord uses his language to touch the hearts of those we teach. How amazing that we get a chance to be the vessels through which he teaches.

I have also learned so much about the enabling power of the Atonement. There were many times this week when I felt discouraged and incredibly inadequate but I have begun to recognize my Savior in every aspect of my life. Hermana Pitcher, our Presidents wife, taught a beautiful lesson on faith and the enabling power of the atonement. She told a story of  a man who was rock climbing. He slipped and fell, plumeting towards the ground head first. Just before he hit the ground, he stopped because his belayer (dunno if that spelling is right, sorry) had grabbed the rope and saved his life. He said, “How do you thank someone who saves your life? Do you give him a strand of worn out rope for Christmas? No. You remember him… You always remember him.” The spirit was tangible as she said that last sentence. I cried, of course, but even now, I am still filled to overflowing with gratitude for the one who gave all that I may live with hope and happiness. Think about that the next time you prepare to take the Sacrament. I love my Savior. I was indebted to him when I left on my mission but now, even though I have given all to him, I am in even more debt. I know that my Redeemer Lives and I know that he is your Redeemer too. I know that he is the source of truth and joy in this life and the next. I love this work. I love you all too! I am so grateful for your love and support.

Hurrah for Israel!

Hermana Hipol

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