Hermana Hipol vs. The World

To be completely honest I am not quite sure where to start this week. The past couple days have been very humbling in a lot of ways and the Lord has really opened my eyes. There were moments when the world was out to get us, but we are not of this world… so it worked out fine! I was so happy to be a missionary this week. I saw so many miracles, so many blessings… I truly have never been happier.

That being said, the Lord has blessed us with a new week to change and to be better, to work our hardest and to leave our nets behind. Hermana Steel and I are trying our hardest to be exactly obedient, and to be the examples in all things. We have fasted together, prayed together and studied together, focusing on the basic doctrines of the lessons and on how we can become better teachers and disciples of the Savior. As we have tried to do so the spirit has blessed and enlightened our minds as to what we should do, and how we should do it.

We still have to do interchanges with the other sisters, and this week I had the opportunity to work in Los Naranjos. It was so cool (temp wise) and I learned a lot. I love getting to work with the other sisters and to see different parts of the mission.

This week we have been able to put two metas bautismales. YAAAAY!!! We have a lot of investigators that have a lot of time to come to know the church and to receive lessons, and a lot of them have hit their time. This past week I have seen a lot of sacrifices as people have decided to leave their jobs, their friends, and even their family, all to be able to accept baptism. I think the biggest miracle has been with a young woman we are teaching who, after nine years (two of which going to church and listening to missionaries), decided to leave her partner, her home, everything, with just her two year old son, all so that she can be baptized. That woman has taught me so much about faith, and watching her example has helped me reach a lot of personal healing and understanding of the enabling power of the atonement.

I know that I am not a perfect missionary and that I have a lot to improve on. But I love this work, I love my savior…. and I love that through his atonement I can be better. I hit ten months on Saturday (no I am not baggy) and to celebrate I tried BBQ rabbit!!! It was actually quite delicious. But anyway, as it is always when I hit months, there is a lot of self-reflection and assessing.

This week I decided to be more diligent and to make more of an effort to be happy and work my hardest.

This church is true, I love being a missionary.

Hurrah for Israel!!

Love, Hermana Hipol