Hermana Hipol vs. Faith in the Holy Priesthood

Well, I am not sure where to start this week. It was really just an amazing week with so many wonderful things to learn!

This week it has rained, and rained, and rained, and rained some more! It is quite beautiful, I love the rain, but it makes work a little…..wet. I think that people here in El Salvador are made of sugar because no one wants to be outside in the rain… and they don’t want us to be outside either. The irony is that not many people let us in… .I completely understand, wouldn’t want to soak the upholstery….. To describe my constant state here this week in one word it would be… damp…. But all flowers need rain to grow!

This week we had the great chance to spend a day with President Spjut and his wife. On Wednesday, there was a knock at nine in the morning and in they walked. We had been told the day before, but even still, that fateful knock on the front door by your mission president is enough to send any missionary into a nervous wreck. The Spjuts studied with us and then President sat in and watched us do our weekly planning, I am not sure why, but he is president, and I just don’t ask questions. But at the end of it all, President said that it was the best weekly planning that he had ever seen, and though we had not seen the fruits yet, that they would come and the Lord will bless us. It was a huge relief, considering we were super nervous the whole time. That same afternoon, Sister Spjut left to work with us! I love her so much, and even though she cannot speak Spanish very well, she brings such a strong spirit with her wherever she goes. It was such a fun experience! Then it started pouring. Hermana Spjut was so excited to be able to get wet! When we met back up with president, I think that he was even more soaked! I am glad they enjoyed themselves, though being soaking wet later took its toll on us…

That is one thing that I love about my companion that no matter what happens, she always keeps us in good spirits, and not a day goes by when I do not laugh, or have a reason to smile. I just love her so much! Hermana Steel is such a champ, we got really sick on Saturday, we got hit with a really nasty cold. Now, that is what I call companionship unity!!! After the fever hit, we decided we should probably not be outside in the rain and stopped by the house to take some medicine and call the zone leaders for a blessing. Two hours later (they had forgotten about our call) two soggy elders knocked on our front door. Hermana Steel got her blessing first, and then it was my turn. They put their hands on my head and said, “We command you to be healed.” the spirit was so strong… and it was a beautiful blessing. Fifteen minutes later my fever broke and besides some snuffles, I have been feeling so much better. Poor Hermana Steel is still fighting an uphill battle, I kinda joke around and tell her she needs to have more faith in the priesthood…  But she is doing a lot better! She has become one of my closest friends and inspires me every day to work my hardest and to be diligent in all things. She is such a trooper!

As of the rest of this week…. I am not quite sure what else there is to share. We had a leadership meeting on Thursday, zone meeting with the stake president on Friday….. We just keep on keepin on and we hope that the Lord never ceases to pour out his blessings….

I love you all and I hope that you will all take a moment to see the many blessings of the Lord in your life, and if weather permits, go take a dance in the rain!

Hoorah for Israel!

Love, Hermana Hipol