Hermana Hipol vs. The Prophet, the See-er and the Birthday Party

What a week!

I’m not quite sure what to share, we just keep working and trying our best to be exactly obedient and give an extra effort. The fruits weren’t immediate, but the Lord always pours out his tender mercies. We had two inactive families come to church with us and some new investigators. We also were able to hit the standard of excellence in lessons with members! Yay!!!

On Tuesday I was able to go work in El Refugio with Hermana Timoteo. She is such a wonderful sister, and I learned a ton! We found a couple new investigators and had some spiritually charged lessons. It was great to be able to leave my area for a day and take a little breather helping out the other sisters!

We went to visit Josefina and Susana and we talked about the first vision. The next day Susana told us she had prayed to renew her testimony of the first vision and the book of Mormon and she had a dream where she saw Joseph Smith receive the plates. Cool story!

The Best part of the week was Friday. The daughter of our first counselor was baptized and confirmed. It was so beautiful, and the spirit was so strong. We had some investigators come and they all had confirmations that they should be baptized!

Sorry, short this week, we are just working hard and seeking souls. Love you all!

Hoorah for Israel!

Love, Hermana Hipol