Hermana Hipol vs. Plague of the “bichos”

What a week of miracles. Really I am not sure where to begin.

I think that the greatest miracle was definitely yesterday. We have been praying and fasting so hard to be able to start seeing fruits in our area. On Sunday we came to church, and none of our investigators had been able to come. But, just as the meeting was about to start, in walked an inactive sister ( a convert of Sister Judd) and her nonmember mother! What a miracle! We stopped by later that afternoon and asked her how she like the meeting and how she felt in church. She said that she loved it and that she could feel the spirit so strongly. She asked forgiveness that she had waited so long to come to church and to feel the spirit so strongly, despite what sister missionaries before had always said. We invited her to be baptized at the end of the month, but she said she was still unsure, that she needed to ask the Lord. So, we invited her to pray right there and ask him. She offered the sweetest, simplest prayer and the spirit was tangible. After she finished we asked her how she felt and what the spirit was telling her. She looked at us and said, “that yes, I need to be baptized”

Words cannot describe how happy I felt! Not only are we helping reactivate this family, but they are helping us reach out and convert their family as well.

I love this gospel so much!  What a tender mercy from the Lord.

From there the work is going, and going, still progressing. It has rained a lot this week and we were attacked by this new tiny mosquito…. I have never been bitten my whole mission, and now my legs are a nightmare! What a great humbling opportunity. But no worries, the off is working just fine. We are still in the search for “escogidos.” We have adopted a new slogan, that for every door we knock, someone gets baptized in Mexico. So we keep knocking, sending good mission vibes up north! 🙂

I cannot believe how the time is flying by. I just want to work, work, work, and I am so grateful that after opening our area, the Lord is beginning to pour out his blessings. He was just waiting for us to give him a little more.

I love you all! Thank you for your love and support!

Hoorah for Israel!

Love, Hermana Hipol

Pics. Hermana Avila, mi hija is now a sister training leader!!! I am so happy and so proud!