I have made it to Guatemala!

I have made it to Guatemala! I was able to make my connecting flight, and travel without any problems, and I have made it to the CCM [El Centro de Capacitación Misional]. There is so much to learn, and so many rules that I need to adapt to, but there is such a special spirit here. I am sorry, I cannot take pictures, here, I had to turn in my camera. The CCM is literally next door to the temple and all of the missionaries get to go through a session every Tuesday. There were forty three elders arriving in my group and three sisters, including me. There are seven American Hermanas here at the CCM, so we are quite outnumbered but we have such a strong spirit. I am in a companionship of three.  Mis companeras son Hermana Martin, from the airport, and Hermana Biscalera who we met up with in LA. My CCM President is Presidente Cox, and he is so wonderful. As soon as we arrived through the gates from the aeropuerto, Hermana Cox grabbed me in a huge hug crying, Hermanas! Hermanas! And all my fears went away. It is so beautiful here, the air is so thick I cannot breathe sometimes, but I love it. The food is mui delicioso! We got to take a nap after arriving but the best part, was when I was handed my badge. I am officially a missionary with a tag! I am sorry, I do not have a lot of time but I love you so much, and I am so excited to serve. Spanish is coming easy, and I remember a lot. Please forward my email, no tengo mucho tiempo. I love you! Hurrah for Israel! Hermana Hipol