Hermana Hipol vs. The Violinist

!Hola¡ Saludes del lugar mas bonita en toda la tierra!

What a week, The Lord surely poured out his blessings out upon us these last seven days. I love being a missionary!

Hermana Little, my companion is a firehouse. She is so consecrated to this work and teaches me more and more every day on how I can be better. I think that I came here so that she could finish my training. Her Spanish has improved so much, and with all of these miracles these past few days, it has really boosted her “animo” to keep working her hardest. Thank you for all of the prayers for her.

This week has been so coooold!! It has also been windy (soooo not skirt friendly). But, this area is so beautiful!

This Friday we woke up before the sun at 4 a.m. to catch a bus to the mission office! It was so early, but we went to go to a multi-zone conference! Wow, I learned so many things. I loved it so much. One of the greatest things that I learned was that we just need to be happy. Our Presidents wife gave a good message to “be of good cheer” and always be positive. So, I am putting on a 24-hour smile and working hard! And the Lord has poured out his blessings on us, but to overflowing.

We now have a baptismal date! We are teaching 8 year old twins, Nicole and Fabiola. On Saturday we went to visit them, I got out my mini calendar, showed them March and told them to pick a day they wanted to be baptized. They are so excited, but I think we are more excited too!!

Speaking of more blessings, we have seen an outpouring of the spirit in our area. We have found some new families, and the lord has truly blessed us. Last night though, a miracle happened. It was about 8 at night and all of our “citas” had fallen through. We were struggling to find members to visit, but Hermana Little turned to me and said she felt we should visit a member family that lived a little far away from where we were. So, we started walking. We passed by a house with a huge family inside, eating dinner. Trying to be obedient to our counsel of “family seen, family contacted”, we turned back to contact them. We are going to meet with them tonight… But then we continued on our way. We passed a house and I heard someone playing violin. I recognized the hymn “Come ye children of the Lord” and so we ran a knocked. A woman answered the door, and told her that Hermana little played violin and that we loved that song. She quickly let us in and we found not just her but her husband and two children. They asked Hermana Little to play the violin. She has such a beautiful gift. She played a couple hymns and the spirit was so strong. We talked about the temple, tithing’s, and any questions that they had. They might not be as positive but as we knelt in prayer to finish, the spirit was so strong. I love this work!

So, remember, happiness is a choice. Choose to be happy because the Lord wants us to be a Happy People!

I love and miss you so much!