Hermana Hipol vs. The Unexpected Journey

Crazy, Crazy week! I learned so much….

Well, this week I had to take a road trip with some of the new elders to San Salvador, to get our residency and such. We took a van down to the capitol, got our papers done and then went to Wendy’s for some lunch… As we left the restaurant we entered traffic to head home… and then our engine died (There are no cars here in El Salvador that are not broken in some way). We happened to be in the middle of traffic, going up a hill. So our driver put the car in neutral and we proceeded to cruise back to Wendy’s… backwards, across traffic. It was terrifying. We could not fix the little van. So here we were, an hour and a half from Santa Ana, a bunch of new missionaries… with no idea what to do. Our driver looked at the car, looked at us and then told us we would have to take a bus back. We found a bus, paid a quarter and all hopped on… Here the public transportation is sketchy… at the least. All of us were packed onto this bus with tons of other people we literally were standing on top of each other. We got off the public bus and found another one that would take us back to Santa Ana. We finally made it back about an hour later than we were supposed to but I learned that the Lord definitely looks out for his missionaries!

The Lord never ceases to surprise us and pour out the blessings of heaven for us. This past week we contacted so many people that were ready to hear the message. We are teaching a hundred year old woman, named Elizabeth, who is the sweetest person ever, as well as a young family. It has been nothing short of miraculous! We had some of our greatest lessons too! Here in El Salvador there are tons and tons and tons of small churches, and so as missionaries, we have been asked some obscure questions. Last night we were teaching one of our favorite families. The mom studied 14 years with another church and our entire lesson was using the bible to prove that Jehovah and Jesus Christ are the same person… It was a powerful lesson! We had a member with us who killed it with the spirit. There was so much love and so much patience. I bore my testimony and, wow… gift of tongues. I don’t even know what I said but I know that the spirit was there. They are definitely going to be baptized. They were married this past Saturday and Hermana Judd and I decorated for their wedding! We had everything set up and time came to start but they weren’t there…. they showed up half an hour late, in perfect El. Salvador style… but it was a lesson in faith.

Today is Independence Day! We are watching a parade, playing volleyball and making cookies as a district. We have so much fun! I don’t know how we are going to be able to teach with all the parties but I know that the Lord will provide.

I am so blessed. I have an amazing companion, the ward is amazing and my Savior is always there giving me additional strength. This week my comp and I made dinner with a family that helped us teach. We taught them how to make French toast and it was actually pretty good! My favorite food here is definitely fried plantains…. or frozen chocolate bananas.

Thank you for your support! I love you all!

Hurrah for Israel!