Hermana Hipol vs. The Beginning of the End

The beginning of the end….. It’s the end of the world as we know it… and I feel…. well weird. I cannot believe this marks the start of my last change. How weird….

I have been thinking a lot about what I could share from this last week, nothing super huge happened. We got up, we studied, and we worked, we came home, planned and prepared to do the same the following day. Being the last week of the change, the time seemed to move like Jello, and we are in the search for “escogidos” which often ends in walking in big circles. But, I love my area and I love my companion so I can’t complain. We have been super anxious, wondering if either of us will have changes, but all fears were hushed when the zone leaders called last night and told us that we don’t have changes. Woo Hoo!!!

I am so glad that I get to finish with Hermana Reyes. She is so amazing! Ironically this last Thursday I caught the same cold that she had last week.  We stayed in Thursday morning, but despite the fever and sore throat, we went out to work, the greatest cure!!  I am feeling a lot better now, so no worries. We are still working on English, and I think that Hermana Reyes is teaching me more than I am teaching her. I am having the hardest time remembering basic grammar and I am just a Spanglish wreck. My comps favorite phrase is “I’m sorry for you”…. he he he.

The other two companionships in the area had baptisms this week and it was beautiful to see these wonderful people enter into the font. On Friday, English class was cancelled due to the baptism of a young man, but we were surprised when our investigator from the Peace Corps showed up! Granted, she came to learn English but she stayed to see the baptism instead. She loved it! When the service was over I walked her over to the baptismal font and asked her how she felt. She said that she felt the spirit, and she asked me what she would have to do to be able to be baptized! We put some goals with her, and hopefully before the end of the year, she can also take this step!

On Sunday, we did not have investigators in church again, but we had a bunch of wonderful things happen. I walked into church, and right in front of us was Elder Lopez from the Area Seventy and his wife. It is the same Family that I met in my training, and saw again in Juayua. I wondered if they would remember me. As soon as she saw me, Sister Lopez literally ran over and through her arms around me! “How funny,” she said, “we see you at the beginning, in the middle and now at the end of your mission.” Thanks for the reminder Sister Lopez…. I also received a phone call from the Bishop in my very first area, and guess what?! A family that I baptized is preparing to be sealed this month! Words cannot even begin to describe my joy!!

We are also full into the Christmas season…. Since the stake center is kinda far, our Relief Society president invited us over to see the Christmas Devotional in her house. Listening to the choir and the messages brought tears to my eyes…. wow. I love Christmas!!

Love you all!

Hoorah for Israel

Love, Hermana Hipol!!