Hermana Hipol vs. No hubo traslado

Gotta love the morning before changes….. ESPECIALLY IF YOU DO NOT HAVE CHANGES! Yaaay!

That is right, I am staying here in “Proquideas” (Orquideas/Progresso) making it six months in total, loooong time, but I love it here, so we will see what happens. But, the best part of not having changes is having six more weeks with Hermana Steel!I love her so much, and I am so grateful for this change to come, and I think that we are both ready to hit the ground running. We have some goals, and with the Lords help, I know that we will learn a lot more together. It is jsut going to be so awesome!

Intercambios this week…. On Tuesday, I had the chance to go back to Los Naranjos and work with Hermana Sheehan. Our Zone Leader, Elder Roeller, asked me to go and check up on their four baptismal dates, because two had been pushed back a week. It was such and amazing experience. I love Hermana Sheehan. She works so hard, and has really dedicated herself to the Lords work. She puts her whole heart and soul into each lesson, and usually I kinda just sat in awe at the spirit she brought as she testified.  It was awesome to get to know their investigators as well. They are teaching some amazing people and I have been in Los Naranjos so often that some people are starting to recognize me. Something about being called “Hermana Hiccup” seems to be easy to remember here in the mountains of Juayua.

On Thursday we had planned to do intercambios with Las Rosas in Turin, but as we were on the bus, on our way, the sisters called and said that they were sick, so we got off in Ataco and headed back. It was a little annoying but we had a great little nap on the bus, and almost accidentally ended up in Sonsonate, because we did not wake up on time. We have been really tired the past few days….

This week we all headed down to Santa Ana for a Multi Zone. We had a great visit by Elder Jose Alonso from the Area Presidency. The spirit was so strong and I learned so much about the Atonement of Jesus Christ and the Plan of Salvation. Our Zone was in charge of the musical number, and it turned out fantastic. I sang in a quartet with Elder Philips, Elder Roeller, and Hermana Guzman. We sang the songs “Jesus Lover of my Soul” and “Reverently and Meekly Now” as a Duet. It was SO beautiful and sounded like a conversation between us and the savior. The spirit was so strong, and many a tear was shed. I love being with people that have such musical talent and are willing to share it! Anyways, we ended with a great lunch and then were headed back to Juayua…. Only we had just barely missed the bus and ended up stranded in Los Naranjos for almost an hour and a half….. Cool story.

With Elder Alonso coming and all of the teachings of the spirit this week, the Lord has taught me a lot about myself and about the Plan of Salvation. I know that our key message as missionaries is that of the Restoration of the Gospel, but I think a lot of times, we often forget about the “why” of the restoration, the transcendent reason for why the gospel was restored and why we of all people were sent to earth at this time to share it. This week we learned more about the importance of the Plan of Salvation, that this mortal probation is a second chance for us to use our agency to accept Gods Plan and to follow him. The end is in sight, we know who will win, and now it just comes down to how many will win. I came to realize this week that the Lord is hastening his work, and I have seen his hastiness here in the mission as well. Time goes by way to fast, and I have come to see that our spiritual growth is accelerated. It is not just a happy perk we get from putting on a missionary tag, it is because the Lord is hastening his work, and so he has to hasten our development too. I have the opportunity to work alongside some of the Lords most valiant souls here in the mission, and as I watch the Elders and the Sisters work, It is nothing short of miraculous. This work truly is going forth “nobly, boldly and independently” and what more glorious cause then to hasten the work of the Great Jehovah.

It was kinda hard going another change without baptizing, but I know that I definitely grew so much closer to my Father in Heaven, and I am excited to see what miracles he has in store. It is funny to see that even though I feel that I have improved so much as a person and a missionary, the baptisms have stopped, but the night is always darkest before the dawn. 🙂 Never lose hope!

I love you all so much. Be happy, be epic, and be awesome!!!

Hoorah for Israel!


  1. Zone activity, we went to see some waterfalls this morning!!! I love this beautiful country!
  2. Valeria, Daniela, and Monserrat…I love these girlies so much. They are going to be fabulous missionaries one day!