Hermana Hipol vs. Motherhood

What an absolutely crazy, crazy week….

First things first….. I am training!! My companion is Hermana Avila from Honduras. She is super awesome! It has definitely already taught me so much. It has been kind of hard adjusting to speaking Spanish 24/7 but she is a great help. She teaches without fear and is super bubbly. She automatically loves everyone and was ready to go right to work. I realized that I have no idea what I am doing… at all. But, here is where the Lord steps in and reminds me that I do nothing, and that it is his work. I don’t think I had ever truly prayed in my life until this week. I have spent so much time on my knees in conversation with my Heavenly Father, and every time I pour out my heart in prayer, he fills me again with peace and strength. I have definitely learned that I can do hard things, and with Hermana Avila, I think the Lord has a lot in store for us this change.
We are working hard to find new investigators that are really truly positive and ready to receive us and progress… We happened to baptize almost all of the investigators that we had 🙂 Speaking of which, we baptized a family this week!! It was Hermana Avila and my first day together and she got to watch a family enter the waters of baptism. I love this family so much! We contacted them through the hermano, Carlos. We helped them build their house and from there started to teach them. Their daughter was baptized about a month ago…we just had to help them get married first. But, he is from Guatemala, and so it was an extremely long and complicated process. But, with the help of the members and miracles from the Lord, this last week they were married and then baptized. I straightened the Hermanas hair and members gave them a cake and nicer clothes. Another Hermana in the ward is a lawyer and she married them. It was so beautiful they were so happy! My trainer, Hermana Judd and her family got to come too, and it was cool to see her one last time. How beautiful works our Heavenly Father!

De, alli… we have just been working, working, working…. we are hoping to have another baptism this weekend! We just got to keep plugging a long and find new people to teach.

I love this work!
Thank you for your support, your love and your prayers, I have really felt your strength this week in moments when I needed it. I love you all!
Hurrah for Israel!

Hermana Hipol